Monday, December 18, 2017

"When trust meets responsibility what develops is independent action"

Our experiment with study in the park, saw its second version on 13th December.

After our first experience we were a little unsure as we had to abort the last visit owing to a small accident.

Courtesy: Peace Montessori

But as most educators and psychologist will tell you, responsibility can be built only by giving trust a  second chance.... 

We asked the children if they were interested in the outdoor study and all hands went up in unison. This was our cue and we grabbed the opportunity... We revived the memories from the last visit, revisited the episode and asked every child to explain what had gone wrong. Interestingly everyone remembered it vividly.... They even had their thoughts ready on how things can be done differently. What was striking was the responsibility they wanted to take for their behaviour.

The outdoors was a breeze this time - the older children took responsibility for the younger ones, everyone was conscious of their action, the green without the slides and swings was no longer boring, the trees had something interesting to offer.... and it was OBSERVATION. Beetles in the open were beautiful and worth stalking. The holes in the leaves opened up imagination and stories of caterpillars munching on them which initiated a hunt.

The smell was enticing and led us to the Eucalyptus trees. The excitement to smell the leaves and relate to 'Vicks' had everybody crushing the leaves and smelling them. Some of them even carried the leaves home to show to their parents.

 The activity of making a painting brush with twigs and leaves had everyone scampering in search of their material. Some collected grass, some had big and small leaves and some came back with roots... but one thing was for sure that all had dirtied their hands with happiness. The experiment of painting with natural brushes was a hit as was mud painting.

Courtesy: Peace Montessori

Courtesy: Peace Montessori

To our delight the walk back from the park was easier than the last time as few instructions did the magic.

Who came to the school were a bunch of satisfied and hungry kids....

Our learning for the day was "When trust meets responsibility what develops is independent action".

We are already looking forward to the next time.

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