Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Its all about "ME"

This month was all about my self & my family. While learning about body parts through rhymes, puzzles & flash cards, children made their associations like – if its long hair, its mommy or lips are meant for lipstick. They just enjoy looking at themselves in the mirrors kept in our environment.

Children, at this age love to copy mommy & were trying their hand at pounding, transferring grains, sorting things, sweeping, mopping etc. Spilling accidentally & then cleaning up made them feel oh-so-grown up!

Children saw the flash cards of a family, with some of them saying in their native language what they call their grand parents. They were even more eager to create a family tree of their own with pics of doting parents, grand parents & even the family dog.

Friday, June 19, 2009

First week of school

The first week of school was a settling period for our little learners. They discovered that they are free to move around the classroom & choose their own work. They learnt how to lay out the mats & work on it.

We start the day with a 10-15 min “Circle time” wherein we welcome children, change our calendar & do the headcount for the day through these songs –
· Hello everyone, how are you?
· We wish you a happy Monday (tue, wed etc.)
· How many friends are here today?

This is followed by singing nursery rhymes –
· Row, row, row your boat
· Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake
· Wheels on the bus
· Head and shoulders
· Machli jal ki rani

After the circle time, children choose their own activities like transferring grains, sorting, sponging etc. Our avid readers head straight to language section for flash cards or books.

Our budding artists also showed their creativity by colouring with crayons & hand printing their Father’s day cards!

New Beginnings

Peace Montessori began its journey this month on 1st June 2009. For the founders of Peace, Jyoti & Renuka, it is a dream come true!

Having studied in a Montessori school herself & then sending her son to one, Jyoti was keen to start her own school someday – a place where children were happy working, playing & where learning just happens as a by-product! While she was toying with that idea, she met Renuka who was equally passionate about learning in a stress-free environment. As an IT professional who gave up her long corporate career to become a stay-at-home mom, Renuka realized that her son, like all children; had a natural curiosity to learn about everything around him & picked up concepts easily if the right stimulus was provided at the right time. Thus was born “Peace Montessori” (http://www.peacemontessori.in/) – a school that provides a stimulating environment that the child is free to explore at his own pace!