Monday, June 20, 2016

It’s just my first week at school: I am already building resilience, endurance and willingness to work!

Peace Montessori: A 3 year child rolling mats and putting
them in order

In most playgroups and/or preschools the first week is filled with an atmosphere of initial settlement blues with crying and crankiness prevailing throughout. Both teachers and parents are at their nerves end to get the children settled. 

Comparatively Montessories offer a refreshing breather. 

There is no concept of settlement time. Once the children enter a Montessorie classroom after overcoming the initial separation anxiety with parents their senses are completely engrossed and tantalized by the classroom environment, which not only attracts but engages them as well. The child feels in charge without having to depend on anybody and is already in a state of responsibility for work. The environment of a Montessorie classroom with well defined activities is relatable to a child and in no time the child picks up a work and is settled.
Peace Montessori: A 3 year old mindfully doing the washing
hands activity
The ability to make a choice of work empowers the child with freedom and responsibility at the same time. The child takes the ownership and settles down to complete the task at hand and in no time the child is settled wanting to pick work after work and finish it.

Peace Montessori: A 2.5 year old mindfully doing the
sticking activity
Maria Montessori's approach is respect for the child as a worthy individual, occupied with the task of developing himself into a mature human adult. This philosophy is visible at work from the instance the child enters the classroom. She observed children's need for independence, for self-confidence as adequate people, for control over their own impulses and emotions and a natural curiosity and desire to learn

The pace of the learning is defined and driven by the child and is not mandated by authority allowing the child to feel comfortable and at ease. Within a day the excitement in the child is visible and the child is eager to work. The structure and the order of the classroom requires the child to finish the task on hand before starting a new one makes the child finish the activities with eagerness to learn new ones.  The learning by action helps the child to self validate resulting in child repeating the activities till he/she feels confident. 

It is a visual treat to see the human psychology of self development in action from day one of child's encounter with learning. The age of the child is immaterial and the child is building resilience, endurance and willingness to work already.